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Lifestyle Agriculture International

Lifestyle Agriculture International, a pioneering force in agriculture, seamlessly blends tradition with technology to redefine the industry. With over 25 years of expertise, our mission is to shape the agricultural value chain, fostering innovation, supporting farmers, and providing high-quality products. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs and consultants, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from crop farming with expert guidance and convenient foodstuff delivery to cutting-edge fishing aquaculture and livestock management. Our commitment to excellence extends through innovation, quality assurance, sustainability practices, and positive community impact. Join us in transforming agriculture into a sustainable and bountiful future.

From small to large companies

Lifestyle Agriculture International was founded in November 2022 by renown Global Entrepreneurs and Management Consultants with broad experiences of Business Growth, Scalability, Finance and Consulting. The Multi-dimensional nature of Lifestyle Agriculture International has placed it at a huge advantage over many Agricultural Establishments, enjoying the unique benefits of various expertise in diverse fields. It has secured the interest of several stakeholders, including Community Leaders, Royal Authorities and Government departments in the allocation of Land, Finance, Training and Mentorship plus Strategic Partnership.

Our Mission

Shaping in an unprecedented manner the agricultural value chain, with enhanced opportunities for our customers, employees, investors and partners.

Our Vision

Creating A Complete Agricultural Revolution For Everyday Life.


Customer Satisfaction


Innovation and Technology Integration


Sustainable Practices


Community Engagement

Our Management Team

John Olufemi Omotoso Abrahams LLB Hons

Chartered Management Consultant Canada, Chairman and CEO

A Vastly experienced, Skillful Entrepreneur and International Lawyer. Possesses huge global network of Professionals and Business Organizations. Sits on several Boards of Directors of several companies in the UK and Nigeria.

Julian Baricuatro

Director, Global Markets IT Engineer, Ex Genpact, Headstrong, Holds and maintains 20 IT Global Industry Standard Certifications. Successfully implemented projects in Fortune 100 Companies. Event Specialist and Author. Award winning Entrepreneur, recognized by the State of Canada for community service. Expert in Global Markets and Product Branding.

Adetoun Oluremi Ogunleye

Business Manager
An astute Manager, she has a good working Experience with Lifestyle Projects Group as Business Development Manager and an Executive Assistant to the Managing Director/CEO. She is Multiskilled, Meticulous and able to oversee Projects through to Completion Stages. Adetoun is Multi-lingual (English, French and Yoruba), and has worked in Government and Private Sectors in the areas of Business Development and Marketing Development Strategies


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

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We Follow Best Practices

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Trust and Worth

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